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BUT do I really need THERAPY? Shouldn't I be able to figure this out MYSELF

Therapy is a frightening idea for many people. In fact, it is often misconstrued as being for those who are "crazy" or "nuts" and the idea of going to talk to someone outside the family is seen as shameful. Yet, therapy affords you an opportunity to examine problems you haven't been able to resolve independently, such as changing your relationship to food or giving up alcohol.

Some patients come to my office because their anxiety is worsening and making it impossible to concentrate at work or engage in social interaction. Other times its because they are dealing with a recent break up or feeling "stuck" in an area of their life and are struggling to understand why.

My role is to work collaboratively with you in order to help clarify issues, set goals, gain insight and understanding, and create more effective and satisfying methods of moving forward in your life. Together we will identity and explore how social, familial, psychological, emotional, financial, and other such factors are affecting your overall health and well being. 

How LONG will it take? 

Depending upon a number of factors therapy can be short term, such as 6-8 sessions or long term, such as 6 months or more. I also have patients who are on and off for years - as life circumstances change they find it useful to return to more deeply examine a given issue or situation. If you are looking for a "quick fix" I am probably not the right therapist for you because I believe sustainable change only happens with careful exploration of the deepest levels of ones psyche.

What about medication? 

Medication for psychiatric conditions is typically prescribed by a Psychiatrist (an MD with specialized training in mental health and substance abuse disorders). Medication can also be prescribed by your PCP, OBGYN or Psychiatric Nurse. Depending upon the degree of symptoms, the level of impairment and a host of other factors will dictate whether it might be beneficial for you to see a Psychiatrist for a medication evaluation.

Now what? WHERE do I go from HERE? 

We can start on the phone or in person. The process begins with an initial assessment where you will be given to an opportunity to share about anything that is bothering you, both inside and out. Its also a chance to ask questions about my style, background, finances and discuss your hesitations about starting therapy. If you are interested in learning more about get well(ness)! or would like to schedule an appointment, please call me at (626) 379-7977. I am also available by email at I look forward to speaking with you.

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