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why the smart phone might not be so smart afterall
breaking up with SUGAR
DENVER farmers markets RETURN!
the stress of the supermarket


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why the smart phone might not be so smart afterall

the DISTRACTION effect

One might argue that in the past decade humans have come to adopt a new appendage; the ubiquitous smart phone. Its almost mind boggling to think about how we ever operated without such a device and yet for hundreds of years people managed just fine without them. And while there are undoubtedly tremendous advantages of having constant connection, it has been far from wholly positive.

The smart phone affords one an opportunity to check out and stay partially distracted much of the time because there is always another site to visit or text to send.



  • Arvada Historical Society’s Farmer and Flea Market:June – September from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.Arvada Flour Mill Pavilion, 5590 Wadsworth Boulevard, Arvada.

  • Aurora Southlands Farmers’ Market:May – September from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.Southlands Shopping Center, Smoky Hill Road and E470, Aurora.

  • Boulder County Farmers’ Market:April 2 – November 19 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.Central Park (13th and Canyon), Boulder

  • Broomfield Farm2table Trading Post:Second and fourth Saturdays, year-round from 9 a.

breaking up with SUGAR

"How can I stop sugar cravings? "

Sugar is powerful and hard for the brain to resist, especially if you are under stress, adapting to a new situation, trying to quit smoking or change your relationship to alcohol.
Small sustainable changes ("I will cut down on the amount of sugar in my coffee") outweighs extreme unrealistic approaches ("I will never eat sugar again!")

Listed below are a few things to test out over the course of the next few weeks in an effort to slowly disrupt the role sugar plays in your daily life.

DENVER farmers markets RETURN!

Purchasing produce at a farmers market is a wonderful way to experience fruits and vegetables as they should be eaten, seasonal and local. You will find it a fun outing and able to sample whatever you are buying. Its also an opportunity to try out unfamiliar foods and a far less stressful shopping experience than your local supermarket.

Here are a few in the area.....

Union Station Farmers Market– Beginning this Saturday, June 4, Boulder County Farmers Marketsteams up with Denver's Union Station to present a farmers market with the best produce and local foods.

the stress of the supermarket


"I am trying to eat healthy but I just can't seem to stick with it."

Grocery shopping and meal preparation can be incredibly overwhelming and anxiety provoking. When one is faced with so many choices related to food, simply deciding what to eat feels stressful not pleasurable. Food is seen as the enemy rather than a source of fuel. Going to the supermarket can be exhausting.  For many, even carving out time to cook for oneself or one's family feels burdensome and another chore to complete before the end of the day.

the disappearing lunch break

                                       the importance of REFUELING (your body)

     One thing I see evermore frequently from patients is a look of almost shame whenasked about whether they take a lunch break during the workday. For many, the company culture has shifted in such a way that it is frowned upon for a given employee to actually utilize the noon hour as a time for REFUELING.
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