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  • Anxiety is your thoughts not shutting off or an impending fear that something terrible is going to happen. It is feeling as though others are evaluating you in a negative light.
  • Anxiety is often accompanied by depressive symptoms because the more it interferes in your daily life the harder it is to stay engaged or participate in new experiences. Anxiety over time can cause to social isolation and loneliness.
  • More than 65 million adults will experience a clinically significant anxiety condition sometime in his or her life, making it the most common mental health problem.
  • Although anxiety manifests differently in any given person, it is often due to a combination of factors - situational stressors, early life experiences, past trauma, genetic predisposition, etc.
  • Anxiety is very treatable through psychotherapy - just not a quick fix in most cases.


Inside your HEAD - excessive and persistent daily worry about life circumstances that is beyond what is expected, concentration difficulties such as losing a train of thought or forgetfulness related to anxious preoccupation, obsessive thoughts
Inside your BODY- chest tightness, muscle tension, neck and shoulder pain, grinding teeth or jaw, restlessness, exhaustion, shakiness, constantly feeling on edge, agitation and irritability


Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) - fear of possible future adverse events or threatening life outcomes
Social Phobia - fear of negative evaluation of others
Panic Disorder - fear of dying, losing control or having future panic attacks

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